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Christmas Holiday Decorating Tips

It's the most wonderful time of year. 

Christmas trees, garlands, lights, wreaths, and holiday decorations
 hung every where in Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

Christmas Holiday Decorating Tips: 

Nothing welcomes friends and family to your home during the holiday’s like beautiful front door decorations! They are like a great party invitation…they set the tone of what the interior will hold during this holidays. As you know front doors can be all colors and styles. Adding your personality to your front door decorations can create a festive holiday cheer for everyone to see when they enter into your home. 

Holiday Decorating Tip For Home Sellers: For home sellers, if you are selling your home, keep your holiday decorating tasteful and classic. Remember you want to draw the potential don't want them to go flying by like a wild pack of reindeer.

 It's certainly beginning to look like Christmas at our home. 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our home to yours.


Our Thanks-Giving

Thanksgiving is more than decorating my home for the holiday season or having that Thanksgiving feast. Starting on the first day of this month, in my family we like to take a moment each day during the month of November and list what we give thanks for on that day. Thanks-giving in our to spend time with our family and friends, to give thanks, give to others, create a lifetime of cherished memories, and to express our gratitude for life itself.

~ Giving thanks, 1st day of November. Today, I'm thankful for my family and friends, the air in my lungs, clothes on my back, and the amazing news my Uncle just shared with us!


Decorating Thanksgiving Tables

Gather your family and friends for a Thanksgiving feast this holiday season. Here are some great decorating table settings and centerpiece ideas to dress up your table from Thanks Country Living for these beautiful photos and great useful tips on how to dress up and decorate our dining room tables for Thanksgiving. 

Photo Centerpiece & Photo Display: Before the holiday, invite your guests to send you copies of family photos that you can then spray-mount to card stock. To age contemporary color digital photos, print them in sepia.

Pear Placecard: At each place setting, set out a Bartlett pear. From cream-colored card stock or manila file folders, cut out strips and write guests' names in gold or brown ink. Affix each with a ball-head sewing pin.

Candle Tray: A collection of brass candlesticks in varying heights also provides visual interest. The placement of the photos, which are nestled in a tray of nuts, is varied, too. Keep the candles the same length.

 Exquisite Table Dishes: 
Family china may steer the table's theme, but introducing a few simple, con-temporary pieces can create an entirely new look that is as personal as it is inviting.

Table: Favorite items like colorful linen napkins or a family heirloom can inspire the overall look. Employ a sideboard to keep plates and glassware handy for the second course and the dining table uncluttered. Serving a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast can be an exciting prospect, especially when the entertaining is fuss-free. All it takes is a little planning and recipes that are delicious and simple to prepare. You too can host an unforgettable Thanksgiving.

Dessert Table (Oh yes, we must all have a dessert table for our Thanksgiving feast). Just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without some homemade pumpkin pies. ;) 

This holiday, expand your entertaining space and move part of the party out of the dining room.

Step 1: Rethink your surfaces. Clear a side table or desktop in another room to create a cocktail bar or dessert station.

Step 2: Vary the height and size of your serving pieces. Incorporate footed compotes, trifle bowls, cake stands, and stacks of dessert plates to add dimension and visual interest to your entertaining surface.

Step 3: Corral your ice bucket, glassware, and libations on a tray that can be easily removed when coffee and tea are served.

Step 4: Mix and match your favorite china and glassware collections at the dessert station. Don't worry about continuing the theme you create on your main table.

Child's Play (When weather permits create a great outdoor dining setting for kids to enjoy on Thanksgiving and if mother nature is not on your side, then move it indoors.)

We all fondly recall holidays spent at the kids' table, joking with cousins and passing vegetables to the dog when no one was looking. To create special memories for the next generation, forgo the boring card table in favor of a fun, kid-friendly setup. In good weather, set the table outdoors (within your sight, of course), and offer plenty of treats and activities to keep boredom and squabbles at bay.


Giving Tree: Have the kids write down what they're thankful for this year on stamped tags, then tie to branches of fall foliage. Vase: Villeroy & Boch.

Sweet Treats: Thanksgiving-themed chocolate turkeys and lollipops make winning favors for tots. Glasses: AOH Design. Chocolate: Bissinger's.

Fun for All: Fill gift bags with rubber stamps and pads, then lay parchment paper on the table so the kids can play. Table: Pottery Barn Kids.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home in Charlotte, NC to your home where ever it may be. 

How To Add Christmas Lights To Your Tree

As we prepare our homes and businesses in the Charlotte, NC and greater metro areafor the holidays, we may find ourselves wondering. "I'm stumped when it comes to lighting my Christmas tree? There are many ways to add lights to your Christmas trees but check out these great tips from  Professionals will show you how to light your tree efficiently and beautifully for the Christmas holiday season.

  • Consider using miniature clear (white) lights for your base lighting, then add strands of the new cool-burning large bulbs for color and variety. Or, add sets of novelty lights, such as flicker-flames, flashing lights, bubble lights, or other shapes.
  • Buy lights with the same kind of plug, either stacked (like the white plugs above) or end to end (like the green plugs). Christmas tree lights are either stacked (like the white plugs in photo) or end to end, also called string to string (like the green plugs). Check the boxes of lights before you buy to make sure they're all compatible. 
  • By using stacked plugs, you can join more strands than you can with end-to-end type plugs. Be sure to check the box for the manufacturer's recommendations, however. Usually you can string together three 100-light strands or six 50-light strands.
  • For safety's sake, never plug more than two extension cords together. Instead, buy them in the lengths you need and make sure they can handle the wattage of the bulbs.Make sure the wattages of all the lights you use are the same; this prevents power surges and prolongs the life of the bulbs. 
  • Plug in the lights before you remove them from the box so you can see if they work before you put them on the tree.Instead of wrapping the lights around the tree in a maypole style, mentally divide the tree into three triangular sections, from top to bottom, around the tree's cone.
  • Plug in the first string of lights and nestle the last bulb on the string at the top of the tree next to the trunk. Weave the lights back and forth across the triangle, being careful not to cross the cord over itself. When you reach the end of the first string, plug in the next set and continue weaving the lights back and forth until you reach the bottom, connecting no more than 300 lights end to end. Repeat this procedure for the remaining triangles.
  • Step back from the tree and look at it with your eyes crossed, or squint until the tree is blurry. Wherever you see dark holes on the tree, rearrange the lights as necessary to fill in. To remove the lights without tangling them, work in reverse.
  • Artificial trees come in sections that open like an umbrella. If you use miniature lights, you can wrap them around the branches and leave them on permanently. Just be sure to light each section separately (that is, don't cross a section, or point of assembly, with a strand of lights).
  • Use 50-light strands: the 100-light strands are two 50-light strands wired together, and the 50-light strands are easier to work with as you wrap the tree branches. In addition, the 50-light sets are less likely to burn out or have electrical problems. 

For Subdued Lighting:

Photo 1
  • Use about 12 boxes of 50-light strands for a 6-foot tree and about 20 boxes for an 8-foot tree.
  • Begin at the bottom of the tree close to the trunk. Allowing some slack or leader cord in the first strand of lights, separate the cord near the first bulb so it forms a loop. Slip the loop over one of the branchlets or greens near the trunk, and wrap the cord a few times around the green to secure it.

Photo 2

  • Pull the string of lights taut to the tip of the branch, then work back toward the trunk, wrapping the cord over itself and the branch.
  • Separate the cord again when you reach the trunk, and slip the cord over a branchlet to secure it. Carry the cord over to the next branch, wrap it around a green near the trunk, and pull it out to the tip. Wrap the cord over itself and the branch as before.
  • Continue wrapping branches in this manner until you come to the end of the string. Plug in the next set, and keep going until you reach the point where the tree comes apart. Work any extra lights back along the branch rather than crossing the section. When you wrap the top section of the tree, don't wrap the lights around as many branches so the tree will look evenly lit from top to bottom.

For Moderate Lighting:

Photo 3
  • Use 20 boxes of 50-light strands for a 6-foot tree and 30 boxes for an 8-foot tree. Follow the same procedure as for subdued lighting, but wrap the cord around some of the greens along the branch as you work back toward the trunk.
For Showcase Lighting:
  • Use 40 boxes of 50-light strands for a 6-foot tree and 80 boxes for an 8-foot tree.
  • Wrap the cord around every green as you work back along the branch.
  • If you use floodlights to show off outdoor evergreens, use white, blue, or green lamps. Red, yellow, amber, and pink lamps will make the trees look a muddy brown.
  • Don't try to hang strings of lights from the eaves with cup hooks -- in a strong wind, the wires may swing loose. Instead, use plastic gutter clips that hook onto the gutter and hold the wire tightly in place. Look for packages of gutter clips in crafts stores and hardware stores, near the tree lights and supplies.
  • Be sure you have outdoor electrical sockets to plug into when you use outdoor lights.
  • Don't worry about hiding the electrical cords -- just keep them organize neatly, and no one will notice them.

Thanks for these great "How To Add Christmas Lights To Your Treethis holiday season

Happy Holidays from our homes in Charlotte, NC to your homes. 

Tis The Season To Schedule Holiday-Christmas-Event Decorating

Tis the season to be thinking about holiday and Christmas lighting and decorating in the Charlotte, NC and greater metro areas, including upper SC. Out goes the holiday of Halloween, in comes Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating. We love the holidays and our Holiday Decorating Professionals reflect our love for the holidays by adding warmth, style, creativity, and festive decorating in your homes or corporate holiday events. Let the experts of Innovative Holiday Decorating of Charlotte, NC take the hassle and stress from you this year by decorating your home,business, or special event this holiday season.

Don't find yourself being wrapped up in holiday lights!

That's what we are here for! We want you to enjoy your holidays with your family and friends creating a lifetime of wonderful memories. Plus, with us decorating for you, this gives you lot's of extra time to be shopping for those special Christmas presents, baking, and visiting others in our communities to spread some holiday cheer.

Our team schedules holiday and Christmas installs from November 1st to December 20th! Our company will shop for decorations or lease decorations; we install, decorate, and take-down your holiday and Christmas decorations. We offer custom affordable holiday and Christmas decorating, event and seasonal decorating.

Our holiday decorating services can create a simple or elaborate display whether it‘s for your home or a corporate business event function. It can be a stress reliever to enlist the services of a Holiday Christmas Lighting Interior/Exterior Decorator. We can add Christmas lights, create and decorate all kinds of Christmas Trees to; traditional trees, rustic trees,contemporary or modern trees and whimsical trees. Why? Because our Holiday Decorating Professionals utilizes our decorating skills and our creative minds by adding a new twist to your holiday decorations!

Call or email us today to schedule your free Holiday - Christmas - Event consultation and let us take the hassle out of your holidays!

Tonia Mosteller
Professional Holiday-Event-Seasonal Decorator
Charlotte, NC and Greater Metro Area, including upper SC

How To Decorate For The Holidays With Christmas Wreaths And Garlands

Decorating Our Homes For The Holidays In Charlotte NC! 

As we prepare our homes for the holidays, many of our clients new and old ask us these important questions. How much Christmas Garland do I need? How do you measure forwreaths and garlands? Well, thanks to the great information provided by BallardStyle and some helpful insights fromInnovative Holiday Event Decorators ofCharlotte NC, share below some great tips on how to measure for wreaths and garlands to dress up your home for the holidays.


The size of wreath needed for your front entrance really depends on the look you want. For a bold and festive feel, go large! If you prefer a more reserved look, choose a smaller size.

For a standard 36 inch wide front door, add dramatic impact with a wreath 28 inches to 30 inches in diameter. On the other hand, a wreath 20 inches to 24 inches in diameter creates a classic, understated look.

For oversized doors, we recommend a 30 inch to 36 inch diameter wreath. This large size will carry the appropriate scale in relation to the front door.

Typically, the larger the wreath, the higher you should hang it on the door. Since large wreaths usually weigh more than small wreaths, be sure to use a sturdy metal hanger or a securely fastened nail rather than plastic hanging fixtures.

What to do with miniature wreaths? Use your imagination! Decorate door knobs, candleholders, bureau knobs, and other place you happen to notice needs a little sprucing up for the holidays.

If you don’t wish to put a nail in your door, there are alternatives – try an over the door hanger or the 3M Adhesive Hangers all of which are available at your local home improvement store or local craft store. It is a great way to hang a wreath without damaging the door.


Measuring an arched door for garland.

The trick is to make sure you have enough garland to accommodate the top arch. We have a simple solution for this.
HEIGHT – Measure from the ground to the top of the door, then double the number to account for both sides. Example: 10-ft. H door x 2 = 20 feet
WIDTH – Measure from the outside trim of the door across to the other side, then calculate one-and-a-half times the width to cover the arch. Example: 10-ft. W door x 1.5 = 15 feet
TOTAL – Add the HEIGHT measurement and the WIDTH measurement for the total amount of garland needed. Example: 20 feet (HEIGHT) + 15 feet (WIDTH) = 35 feet of garland

Add one foot to your total if you’d like the garland to puddle at the bottom.

Measuring a standard door or double doors for garland.

Simple math is all that’s required to be sure you have enough garland for your fron entrance. This solutions works for double doors as well. Just be sure to measure the width across both doors, including trim.
HEIGHT – Measure from the ground to the top of the door, then double the number to account for both sides. Example: 10-ft. H door x 2 = 20 feet
WIDTH – Measure from the outside trim of the door across to the other side. In our example, the door is 4 feet wide.
TOTAL – Add the HEIGHT measurement and the WIDTH measurement for the total amount of garland needed. Example: 20 feet (HEIGHT) + 4 feet (WIDTH) = 24 feet of garland

Add one foot to your total if you’d like the garland to puddle at the bottom.

Measuring a staircase banister or mantel to swag garland.

To swag garland down a staircase banister or across the mantel, use the same strategy as above. Measure the LENGTH of the banister or the WIDTH of the mantel, then calculate one-and-a-half times that dimension. Example: 6-ft. W mantel x 1.5 = 9 feet of garland. Many of you want to know whether garland should drape over the sides of the mantel or not? Well, there are no hard-fast rules when it comes to hanging garland. It is up to you. Whatever you want to do – go for it! Hang garland the way you like it.

Measuring a staircase banister or mantle to swag garland.

To swag garland down a staircase banister or across the mantel, use the same strategy as above. Measure the LENGTH of the banister or the WIDTH of the mantel, then calculate one-and-a-half times that dimension. Example: 6-ft. W mantel x 1.5 = 9 feet of garland

Measuring a staircase banister to wrap garland.
Measure the LENGTH of the staircase and the HEIGHT of the newel post from the handrail to the floor. Simply add the 2 dimensions and double that number. Example: 10-ft. L staircase + 3-ft. H newel post = 13 feet x 2 = 26 feet of garland

If all of this seems too complicated, use a ball of string, wrapping it as you would the garland. When you have the look you want, pull the string off and measure it with a tape measure. It can be that simple!

At Innovative Holiday-Lighting-Event Decorating in Charlotte, NC we like to share with our clients that,"It's important to choose the right garlands and wreaths that showcase the interior and exterior of your homes orbusiness. The holidays are a special time of year, so make sure to add your personality into your holiday decor to create a warm and festive holiday display for your family and friends during the holiday and Christmas season

Thanks to the wonderful information provided by, your windows, doors, and stairwells will be dressed up for the holidays this season! 

Happy Holidays from our home in Charlotte, NC to yours!

Charlotte NC Holiday - Event - Seasonal Decorators

Charlotte NC Holiday - Event - Seasonal Decorators

As fall moves in so do the holidays, and they are approaching us fast! Peggy Johnson of Redesign +More and Tonia Mosteller of Innovative Holiday-Event Decorating in Charlotte, NC are here to tell you to start planning for your holidays in North and South Carolina! Stores have been decorating for the holidays since July...yes, we said, JULY! This means, decorations are going to move fast! If you are finding it difficult to plan for your holiday event, dress up your homes for the fall season and Thanksgiving holiday or need help adding some festive cheer to your home or business…then you need to meet the decorators of Charlotte, NC and schedule a free holiday/seasonal/event consultation this holiday season! Not only can these delightful ladies and their teams dress up your home or business on the interior, they can also add some sparkle with the exterior and outdoors by adding some Christmas lighting and holiday decor. Their companies provide residential and commercial services to all of Charlotte, NC and the metro area, including upper SC

Meet the holiday-event-seasonal decorators of North Carolina and Upper South Carolina. Now, keep in mind these ladies also do Real Estate Home Staging and Interior Room Redesign/Design. They are filled with passion about their work and it shows to the attention detail they give to homes and businesses throughout the holidays and all year long. 

Tonia Mosteller
Charlotte, NC 

Tonia writes: I love Christmas, it's been my favorite holiday since I was a very young girl. Creating memories with family and friends, it's priceless. Decorating homes and businesses for the holidays, events, and the seasons are a true passion of mine. I believe beautiful spaces can be achieved through creativity, even on a small budget. I am thankful for the gifts God has given me, because I can share them with others. Creating memories for a lifetime. 

Peggy Johnson       
Charlotte, NC 

Peggy writes: During the holiday season sharing your home with family and friends is a wonderful way to bring in the holiday season. Holiday, event, and seasonal decorating allows me to bring out my creative side. It allows me to create beautiful, festive homes and offices. I get very excited about the holiday season. Simple love decorating for the holidays and seasons! My philosophy is to give each of our clients a special experience during the holidays.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year and we all enjoy having our homes decorated for the Christmas holiday season. However we don’t always have the time or the energy that’s needed to create an inviting & festive atmosphere.

We can decorate using themes, keep it traditional, add in a little whimsical and incorporate your special holiday decorations. Services available to residential and commercial clients for interior and exterior holiday decorating - seasonal decorating - event decorating & Christmas outdoor lighting installations.

Our holiday - event - seasonal decorating services can create a simple or elaborate display whether it‘s for your home or a corporate business event function.

Our team of professionals will create a customized holiday decorating plan that will enhance the unique features of your home or business. We can use your existing holiday decorations or purchase new decorations. Schedule your free holiday or event decorating consultation today!

Let our team of Interior and Exterior Holiday Decorators take the hassle out of holiday decorating so you can relax and enjoy the holidays.

Holiday - Event - Seasonal Decorating Companies in Charlotte, NC.

  • Home & Corporate Business Holiday Decorating Services
  • Custom Holiday Decorating Plan
  • Holiday Home Staging
  • Decorated Wreaths
  • Decorated Garlands / Swags
  • Decorated Staircases
  • Decorated Christmas Trees
  • Fireplace Mantels
  • Front Entrances
  • Holiday Displays
  • Holiday Centerpieces
  • Holiday Shopping
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping
  • Holiday Event Decorating
  • Outdoor Exterior Holiday Decorating  Christmas Lights
  • Affordable Budget Holiday Decorating
  • Holiday Photography Prop Decorating

Holiday - Event- Seasonal Interior and Exterior 
Residential and Commercial Decorators - Charlotte NC
Adding festive holiday decorations and outdoor Christmas 
lights to your home or office!

Happy Holidays from our homes to yours!

Top 10 Best Fall Places In NC To See Color!

Top 10 Best Fall Places!

To see beautiful colors in North Carolina!

Fall is here and it's one of our favorite seasons! Our fall foliage is gorgeous in the Western North Carolina mountains. Okay I may be a little bit biased but it's so true!!! NC is a beautiful state and we have so many great places to visit during this beautiful season. You can see fall color from Blowing Rock, Asheville, to Great Smoky Mountains, and beyond in North Carolina. You are sure to have a beautiful show of fall color this 2012. My family and I are planning our October weekend to the mountains, so I'm on the internet looking for "peak times" in NC on the places we love to visit. The pictures you see on this blog post are from last year but I'm sure the fall color will be just as glorious if not better this year!

My husband, and I coming back from Mount Mitchell in NC, and we witnessed some glorious fall color along the way!

Our favorite ride is along the Blue Ridge Parkway during the fall and capture the beauty of mother nature. Remembering how much fun we had last year camping in NC during the fall and stopping by our favorite places along the way. While searching on the Internet, I found this great article of "Top 10 best list of the places to see colorful mountain scenery." So guess where we will be this fall season?! Of course, one of our favorite places...Asheville, NC was listed in the top 10! Actually we've been to all of the top 10 listed on this article from Mark File, editor of Travel Guide. Now, while you are in Asheville, NC you must stop by Sunny Point Cafe! Oh my's the best organic place to eat and it was featured on GMA! My family and I make it a point to visit every time we are in Asheville! :)

Traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC is the best during the fall season!

Looking for the best places to see color this fall? Please read the article below of the "Top 10 list of the best places to see colorful mountain scenery" from Mark File, editor of Romantic Travel Guide.

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- After a summer of generous rain and sun, fall foliage color this year should be brilliant in western North Carolina. And with a 5,000-foot elevation range near Asheville, the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains have one of the longest-running fall shows in the country. Peak color begins in early October in the highest elevations and ends in the lowest valleys by early November. According to Vacation Guide, these are the best places for fall views:

1. Cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway, one of top scenic drives in the USA. Stop at overlooks, picnic and hike. Best color is the last three weeks of October, varying with elevation. So if you don't immediately see color, keep driving!

2. See the first fall colors from Mt. Mitchell, highest peak in eastern America, with panoramic views from the observation deck.

3. Picnic while soaking in spectacular 360-degree views atop Craggy Pinnacle, accessed by a 1.5-mile roundtrip hike.

4. Visit Graveyard Fields for some of the most brilliant color on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Relax by the waterfall or walk through the highland valley. Nearby, hike mountain balds at Black Balsam Knob for endless views.

5. Capture the most photographed waterfall in North Carolina, Linville Falls. Nearby, see stunning views of Linville Gorge from Table Rock and Hawksbill Mountain.

6. Watch elk graze in Cataloochee Valley in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Each fall, male elk make their legendary bugling calls.

7. Drive the Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway in Pisgah National Forest and stop at Looking Glass Falls.

8. Hike in DuPont State Forest to see three waterfalls, or hike to Cedar Rock for mountain views.

9. Explore the 8,000-acre Biltmore Estate by foot, bike, car, river raft, horse or Segway. See colorful fall gardens with thousands of mums.

10. Ride the elevator or hike to the famous Chimney Rock with 75-mile views overlooking Lake Lure. Peak fall color here extends into early November.
For details on these and the weekly fall foliage report for western North Carolina, visit the 500-page free online travel guide at

Mark File
Editor Travel Guide

This release was issued through WebWire(R). For more information visit

Thank you Mark, for helping us all discover the best places to visit in NC for fall color in 2012! Counting down the days....picnic in the great outdoors, my camera with extra batteries, and my family gathered in the jeep for some fun filled seasonal fall memories in NC!!!

Fun "fall" day at the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC!
This will be us again this year, traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC!
So I will post our pictures from our 2012 Fall -Seasonal trip later this month! ;)

Professional Holiday Decorating Services - Affordable Holiday Decorating - Commercial Holiday Decorating - Seasonal Christmas Decorating - Event Decorating Services - Charlotte NC - including South Charlotte - Weddington - Concord - Mt.Holly - Huntersville - Cornelius - Davidson - Belmont - Lake Norman Statesville- Mooresville - Hickory - Winston Salem North Carolina and South Carolina. 


Harvest - Autumn - Fall - Seasonal Decorating

 Holiday Seasonal Decorating

Fall is around the corner and change is in the air
Getting our homes ready for the change of season 
from summer to fall and Thanksgiving holiday.

Girls Craft Day # 2

Well after having so much fun on our first "Girls Craft Day" making our holiday tinsel bear and sleigh Christmas ornaments we just had to make it another fun day hanging out making Autumn (Fall) seasonal wreaths and eating delicious food!

We planned another day to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, gathered our shopping list and away we went. The decorations/crafts we purchased were: grapevine wreath, twig wreath, wire, fall autumn leaves, owl, initial letter, faux pumpkin, green ivy, and leafy fall sprigs.

As a holiday-seasonal - event decorator of Charlotte, NC I had a ball creating these wreaths for my friends and teaching them some "decorating tricks on making wreaths".  Missing one picture of a wreath, waiting on my friend to send it to me and I will post it soon. :) you see Mr. Owl? 

Our Autumn Breakfast menu for our GCD (Girls Craft Day)

Nothing states Autumn (Fall) like a warmdelightful, smell so yummy, 
homemade loaf of pumpkin bread! Yum!

We forgot to take pics of the pumpkin bread, because we were too busy eating it! After smelling the delicious aroma in the kitchen, we couldn't wait to taste everything! 
Photo and recipe courtesy of Steaming Gourmet

Here is the pumpkin bread recipe we found on Steaming Gourmet! 
It had 5 stars and we give it 5 stars too! 

Ultimate Pumpkin Bread

A fabulous pumpkin bread and the best you’ll ever taste.

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp ground cloves
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
3 cups granulated sugar
1 cup butter, really soft, half melted really
3 large eggs
1 16 oz can of pure pumpkin
1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)

Preheat oven to 350˚F and spray two medium loaf pans with nonstick cooking spray.

In a medium bowl, mix the flour, spices, salt, baking soda, and baking powder and set aside.

In the bowl of a stand mixer with the wire whisk attached, dump in the sugar. Take the butter and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds, so that it is half melted. Dump it into the sugar. Add the eggs. Cream these three ingredients together on medium speed for about 2 minutes or until fluffy. Add the pumpkin and combine well.

In three batches, add the dry ingredients and mix gently until each batch is just incorporated. Scrape the sides between each batch.

Pour half of the batter into a one of the prepared pans. Fold the pecans into the remaining batter and then pour it into the other prepared pan. Bake side-by-side for about one hour or until an inserted knife comes out clean the top is golden.

Author: Amy Wilson
Prep time: 20 mins
Cook time: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour 20 mins
Serves: 14 
Yields 2 loaves.

Holiday Breakfast Quiche to die for! 

This is a recipe I got many years ago from my sweet friend Julie, 
it's an old recipe from her mother. 
I call it "Holiday Breakfast Quiche", 
because of the colors from the peppers 
that gives it a colorful and festive holiday appearance. 

Holiday Breakfast Quiche Shopping List and Recipe
  • (1) Jimmy Dean Sage Sausage 
  • (1) 9" fold out Pillsbury Crust Pie Shell
  • (1 1/2) cups Grated Swiss Cheese (note...use a good quality cheese, makes all the difference)
  • 1/4 Cup Chopped Green Pepper
  • 1/4 Cup Chopped Red Pepper
  • 2 tablespoons Chopped Onion
  • 4 Eggs (slightly beaten and set aside)
  • 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream
Notes: Preheat Oven to 375, bake 40 to 45 mins (depends on oven)

Crumble sausage as you allow it to cook and brown until it is done. Drain and immediately add in Swiss cheese, mix it together. Then add all the ingredients listed above, including eggs and mix together. Follow directions on pie shell box and place pie shell in your quiche dish. Note....within 15 to 20 minutes of baking, cover quiche lightly with tinfoil to prevent it  browning too much on top and the edge of crust. 

Enjoy, the Holiday Breakfast Quiche it's divine!!!

Of course no breakfast is complete without a cup of hot Pumpkin Spice coffee! We bought our Pumpkin creamer at Bi-lo, and added some cinnamon and homemade whip cream on top as the garnish! 
It was fabulous

Wishing you all a fabulous "fall", may you make some harvest memories this year with your family and friends! 

Tonia Mosteller

Holiday - Event - Seasonal Decorator
Charlotte, NC

Please visit my website for information about our services: 

Happy Autumn Decorating! 

Holiday Decorating Tinsel Christmas Bears and Sleigh Ornaments

Holiday Decorating Tinsel Christmas Bear Ornaments

 Holiday Decorating 
Girls Craft Day! 

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Living.

Last year I was searching for some rustic Christmas ornaments that I could make as a craft and add to my rustic Christmas holiday decor and tree. I found these adorable bears from Martha Stewart Living! After viewing her website, I called my girlfriend Christina and told her about these cute bears, "That we must add them to our rustic Christmas trees and holiday decor." I immediately got on the internet and ordered our bears from Lindahl WoodcraftsLess than a week, these cute wooden bear ornaments made it to our front door. Hassle freefast shipping, and great customer service! Thanks, Lindahl Woodcrafts! 

So we gathered our holiday shopping list and took off to our local stores in Charlotte, NCMichaels and Hobby Lobby to get our supplies. I must say...I adore Martha Stewart's line of Tinsel glitters, they are absolutely beautiful! Since I was a busy girl, decorating homes for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday last year, our bears and girls craft day got pushed aside until recently. We know it's September, but Christina and I knew if we didn't do it now, my holiday schedule would not allow us over the next 3 months. After all the Christmas spirit should remain in our hearts all year long. At least it does in mine, I'm like a little kid when I comes to the heart and soul radiant's with Christmas cheer and I LOVE to decorate for the holidays and seasons

Photo courtesy of Panera Bread.
So my friend Christina and I decided to have a Holiday Girls Craft Day. We watched the Charlotte weather and the perfect day was coming...a cool, and rainy Tuesday! We made some holiday goodies, turned on some holiday music (LOL), and rented a chic flick to watch after our craft day. While working on our bears, we decided let's head back to Michael's and get some more holiday Christmas ornaments! We found some adorable wooden sleighs for 49 cents and grabbed Martha Stewart's "red"tinsel glitteredTip...if the product isn't on sale at Michaels don't forget to print or use your smartphone for the 40% off Michaels coupon! Heading back to the house, we stopped by Panera Bread's and got their yummy Pumpkin Spice Chai was heavenly!!! 

"We had a fabulous day playing with our holiday Christmas craftslaughing, eating, drinking our Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte, listening to the holiday music (that still makes us giggle) and watching our girlie chic flick to end our day. Great memories!"

Below is the complete "How To" list on how you can make these Christmas Glittered Bears for your tree and holiday decor

Give your Christmas tree and holiday decor an extra sparkle with these critter glittered bears from Martha Stewart Living and Lindahl Woodcrafts! When your Christmas lights capture these adorable ornaments, your decorations will be beautiful glistering on the tree! You can even hang them on a garland or fish light with ribbon in a window and the natural sunlight will make them sparkle too! :)

How-To Glittered Bear and Sleigh Christmas Ornaments

Tools & Materials:

Craft brush
White glue
Wooden bears
Glittering tray
Tinsel glitter
Skewer or toothpick
Plastic squeeze bottle with fine tip
Ornament hooks

Glittered Bear  and Sleigh Christmas Ornaments How-To
Using a paintbrush, apply white glue to one side of wooden bear.
Place bear in glittering tray, glue side up, and shake tinsel glitter on to glue until completely covered. Let dry, about 15-20 minutes.

Once dry, shake off excess glitter and repeat glittering process on other side of bear.

Once both sides of bear are glittered and dry, wipe along the edge to remove any excess glitter. Use a skewer or toothpick to clean in tighter areas, if needed.

Using a plastic squeeze bottle fitted with a fine tip, apply glue along the edges of the bear, working in sections, gluing and glittering as you go.

Once glue is completely dry, attach ornament hook to bear and hang on your Christmas tree or holiday decor

Our finished Tinsel Christmas Bears and Sleighs Ornaments: 

The only thing left is to hang them with ribbon!
Gather a friend or friends and make it a Holiday Girls Craft Day!

Happy Holiday Decorating!