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Holiday Decorating Decor For The Home

2013 Holiday decorating decor from Pottery Barn!

Pottery Barn does it again this year, with fabulous holiday decorating decor for our homes! 

We love the great outdoors, so naturally I am drawn to the rustic, natural, and a bit whimsy decorations from Pottery Barn's holiday decor!

Great linens to decorate your dining room table for the holidays! 

Adore these flameless Birch candles!

Look at those gorgeous lanterns in the right photo, and the Owl Christmas tree topper on this tree! LOVE!!! 


What is wonderful about this table runner, it carry from Thanksgiving through Christmas and into the Winter!

Cute Owls to display in Christmas trees, wreaths, fireplace mantels, table centerpieces, garland and so much more!

I can spend lots of time playing on Pottery Barn and looking at all their fabulous holiday decorating decor for our homes. Check out their website for some more great decorations and holiday decor for your home! 

Top 10 Holiday Decorating Ideas and Photos


How many of us adore the great website Pinterest

A wonderful site that combines inspirational decorating photos and ideas from so many of our favorite magazines, stores, etc., and Southern Living being one of them! :-) 

I discovered in an article by Southern Living recently their, "Top 10 Holiday Decorating photos pinned on Pinterest".  Look at the great holiday decorating photos below by Southern Living, some wonderful ideas to decorate your home this holiday season. 

 Red and Gold Christmas Tree

Give the traditional red and green color scheme a twist by using only red and gold ornaments on the tree, so that the pine needles, gift ribbons, and threads of green in the tartan blanket are the only green elements. This look proves that a nostalgic color scheme can be updated for a fresh, modern look.

 Make Your Own Magnolia Wreath

Magnolia wreaths are gorgeous, but they can be expensive to buy. Learn the easy way to make them yourself and save money.

 Wrap Gifts in Burlap

Send your guests away with something thoughtful to mark the occasion by wrapping a simple vase in burlap. Tuck in some holly and Star of Bethlehem for added Christmas embellishment, and display them by the door or gate so that friends can pick them up as they depart.

 Candy Cane Place Card Holder

An elegant and simple DIY project! Secure three mini candy canes with double-sided tape to make easels for place cards.

 Put Out Christmas Lanterns

Arrange a grouping of festive lanterns at your entryway for quick-and-easy holiday style. Consider using flameless candles as a worry-free alternative to regular pillars.

 Hang Twinkling Lights

Hang twinkling Christmas lights on a fountain or stone wall in the garden to create a striking winter focal point from your patio or porch. Even if it’s too cold to entertain outside, you''ll enjoy the soft cozy glow through the windows.

 Mistletoe Kissing Ball

Use your leafy bounty to craft an im-peck-able Christmas decoration.

 Peppermint Candy Centerpiece

To create this wintry centerpiece, place a low bowl of roses in a larger bowl and fill in between with mints.

 Lush & Sophisticated Mantel

To get this look, start with a store-bought garland. Space five pieces of water-soaked florist foam, secured inside cages, along the mantel. (Cover your mantel in plastic to protect it.) Cover the foam with pieces of store-bought garland.

Next, insert clipped magnolia, holly, pine, and cedar into the foam. Make loops from aspidistra leaves by poking the stems through the tips of the leaves. Insert the stems into the foam.

Complete the look by layering in milo, millet, and rose hips. On the sides of the garland, wire in items that don't require water. Fill in holes with more magnolia. Keep it looking fresh by misting with a preservative called Floralife Crowning Glory Solution.

 Rustic Wreath

Use a rough material, like burlap, to add some rustic charm to your wreath.

Special thanks to Southern Living and Pinterest for the inspirational decorating photos that inspire all of us holiday decorators to create! 

Now, let the holiday decorating begin in Charlotte, NC! :)

Tonia Mosteller
Holiday Decorator Charlotte NC


Residential and Commercial Holiday and Christmas Decorating

No holiday project is too small, nor too big for the wonderful and creative team of decorators with Innovative Holiday Decorating.  We provide holiday decorating services for residential and commercial properties. Tis the season to start thinking about your holidays and how you want to decorate. Our team of professionals are so creative with decorating for the holidays. Your style, your decorations or if you need new decorations....we can help get you ready for the holidays! These photos below are just a few decorating projects we have done for our clients. Rather it's a home or business, we are happy to help create a festive and fun holiday for you too!

Gardner-Webb University Spirit Theme Tree
Showcasing the school colors, team spirit and sports.

Gardner- Webb University Bell Theme Tree
Showcasing the "Bell Tower" on campus.
You can't tell in this photo but there are LOTS of different size bells on this tree.

Getting Up Cowboy and Cowgirl Theme Tree
 Our client has a business in boots and accessories, so naturally her passion led us to decorate this tree
using some of her own boots and accessories for the tree topper and tree. 

Great Outdoors Theme Tree
Another fun tree to decorate!

Winter Wonderland Theme Tree
So much fun using existing ski decorations for this family tree, and incorporated with some new decorations.
This family loves the outdoors and loves to ski, so we wanted their tree to represent their passions.

Dove's Nest Theme Tree
Such a special moment and blessing for us...decorating the Dove's Nest for Christmas. 

Okay, we love our clients and all the decorations! This was a postcard moment! Love their pets too! 

Founder and owner Tonia Mosteller of Innovative Interiors –Holiday Decorating shares with us the passion she has for decorating homes and businesses for the holiday season and Christmas.

 "Holiday decorating is a passion and great love of mine. Since I was 5 years old; my mom would find me snuggled up in my bed with paper and color pencils; drawing family rooms with Christmas trees, garlands, and stockings hung from a crackling fireplace, and of course milk & cookies for Santa. Grew up with wonderful holiday memories and traditions that I will always cherish. And now many of those traditions I share with my own family, plus my husband and I have created some wonderful new traditions that we share with our families.  Because of the passion and love for decorating, the smiles I bring to others when they see their holiday decorations's truly warms my heart and soul. Those moments are priceless for me. I cherish the relationships I build with each of my clients, and it's a blessing to decorate their homes or business for the holidays."

"Specials thanks to all of our holiday clients! Thank you for your continued business. We are forever grateful for each of you.  We appreciate allowing us to be creative and decorate your rooms and trees!"  

Happy Holidays from our home to yours! 

Tonia Mosteller
Holiday - Event Decorator Charlotte NC 

Fall Holiday Decorating Ideas

It's the time of year that we start getting our homes ready for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, and making our holiday shopping list. Then we start wondering what should I do to get my home ready for these two amazing holidays?! Plus, decorate my home for the most wonderful time of year...FALL

Thanks to Southern Living, they share with us some great photo inspirations and ideas that will get you moving in the right direction this holiday season! Check out below these great inspirations, and if you need more ideas be sure to check them out on

Fall Foliage Arrangement

Fall Foliage Arrangement

The key to arranging leaves is to group them by size and color as you would flowers. Fiery red maple makes a beautiful focal point when countered with the feathery foliage of dawn redwood laden with globes of gray-green fruit on the fringes.

Pumpkin Topiary

Vertical displays make a big statement at the front door. Tucking in cool-weather edibles such as ornamental flowering cabbages, kale, and bay leaves adds a distinctive twist. To create topiaries, sandwich bay wreaths between pumpkins stacked in concrete urns, and top with a small pumpkin.

Rustic Centerpiece

Naturally shed antlers lend a new twist to table decor. Pile them up with different-colored pumpkins, pine cones, and loose nuts and bring the outdoors in.

Use Color for Impact

Use Color for Impact

A neutral backdrop of white linens and dishes puts the focus on punches of orange and green.

Candlelight Dinner

Complete your tablescape by adding candles in fun lanterns that complement your color palatte. Mix in simple canning jars for a more casual affair.

Don't Neglect Your Outdoor Space

A cascading display down the stairs allows you to use bigger ones that have more presence and are visible from the road. Position them on their sides or stack them on planters for an original look.


Christmas Holiday Event Decorations 2013

Christmas Holiday Event Decorations 2013

Holiday Decorating photo from Pier One

With 1/2 year gone and the other 1/2 approaching quickly, check out the new holiday and Christmas decorations for 2013!

Pier One has a sneak peak of their holiday decorations to get you ready for the upcoming holidays! After all, 48 more days before "fall" is here (my favorite season), and the months that end with "ber". When school starts back in August...the fall months follow right after, it's always great to be an early bird, and start making your holiday shopping and decorating list, to prepare for your family and friends to visit during the holidays and Christmas. 

I am so excited to think about the fall months, and all the excitement, holiday and Christmas decorating that follows. Check out Pier One and be sure to check out the holiday - seasonal - event - Christmas decorators in Charlotte, NC for some great holiday and Christmas decorating tips! 

Stay tuned to my holiday decorating blog, because it will be filled with lots of new holiday, seasonal, event, Christmas decorating information, sure to make your holidays sparkle and festive in 2013!  


2012 Reflection

Welcome 2013!

Thank you 2012 for the best year of my life!  

As Innovative Interiors - Holiday & Event Decorating wrapped up an amazing year with holiday and event decorating, redesign/design, and home staging projects.  Now, I want to take a moment and reflect on how much my clients have meant to me and to my decorating team. We are forever grateful for your business and relationships! My team and I look forward to many more years of service with you. 

I feel blessed beyond measure in so many ways to have the opportunity to do what I love for amazing people who are gracious to us.  Many thanks to all of you who have become a part of the Innovative Interiors - Holiday & Event Decorating family.  You have made my passion and dream a reality!  Thank you! :)

At Innovative Interiors - Holiday & Event Decorating we wish you all 
an amazing new year filled with good health, cheer,
 love, prosperity, and lots of laughter. 

We look forward to working with you in this new year! 
Blessings to all!