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My Prince Charming

~ The best kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach out for more; that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. 

My best friend...24 years ago today you came into my life. After a year of being friends, I never imagined that this tall handsome young man home from college in North Carolina would be my...strong, hardworking, funny, charming, sensitive, loyal, faithful, and loving husband 24 years later. I was standing in the parking lot at his summer job with Lynn as she waited on her boyfriend to come out for lunch. As I noticed 2 guys walking out of the building, one in particular with a great smile was heading our way. To this day I remember what he was wearing; shorts, t-shirt, and Ralph Lauren Polo cologne. Not to mention, those big hazel green eyes (of course that depends on what he is wearing, sometimes they are a shade of blue). A smile and personality that could light up the world...well, it did mine. :) A moment in time I will never forget.  I'm amazed that years later you and I can still share with each other what we were wearing on the first day we met. Our first encounter, oh how we talked; laughed and flirted...I recall having rosy cheeks a few times. Our second encounter was in your front yard, barefooted and flirting again...stepping on each other toes. We would talk for hours on the phone. Our first date....oh, how I remember it well and I know you do too. I'll share that some other time. :) 
My grandmother told me you were going to be the "one" I would marry some day.....5 years later. Ha! We were in no rush, still had some growing up to do and school to finish, but in the process we became best friends and then we fell in love, my price charming...that scared me just a bit I must say. You have loved me through good times, trails, and heartache. You are my rock; you give me strength, love, and understanding. You have allowed me to grow as my own person, and spread my wings. Thank you so much for giving me the space to do so. Our love continues to grow stronger each day and with each phase in our relationship I will cherish. I look forward to our next 24 years and beyond...I feel so extremely blessed to have you in my life, you are an amazing father and husband. Thank you for our handsome and smart son, and although we lost a baby 2 years ago, it was still a blessing to share that very special moment with you...even through the tears we found laughter and a deeper love. Since then we gained a four legged baby called, "Riley" and although he truly belongs to our son, we both have attached ourselves to him as well. Oh, how he makes us all laugh to the point our bellies ache, who knew a dog could act just like a human. Thank you my prince charming & best friend for the best years of my life and for the years to come. I know they will be amazing! Happy 24 years and happy early Birthday my love! 

Love always, your wife.



Charlotte, NC Susan G. Komen Race...Let's come together!

In the past years we have lost dear members of our family to cancer; I watched my sweet cousin Shane at the age 30 die from Colon Cancer, he suffered for years with this horrible disease. Other family members Kathy, Steve and Uncle Hank also passed with different cancers. Because of this, I have thought for many years to run in this race, Avon Walk For Breast Cancer and many others. I hold great respect for the strength of my family members and their bravery to fight such a disease, although the battle was lost....their memory remains in our heart and thoughts. Also, witnessed many of my friends fight breast cancer and survive, so very proud of them and this race is for you! Hope to make my family and friends...proud! The motivation to run in this race is very personal to me and I can't wait to wear the proud symbol on my clothes! Love to exercise and run, and so looking forward to the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure in Charlotte, NC on October 6, 2012, but the most exciting thing for me is the opportunity to help raise money for such a great cause!  I encourage others to run in this race or any race that speaks to you. The great thing about the Susan G. Komen race is you don't have to run if you aren't a runner, you can walk it too. :) So get moving....let's all come together for such a wonderful cause and show our support! :)


Home Staging In The Carolina's

As a professional home stager in Charlotte NC, did you know that only 10% of people shopping for a new home have the vision to imagine their own belongings in another house? Home staging is more important today then it was 5 years ago because the market is flooded with homes. So make your home stand out in the crowd and below are great tips to get you going to a home that is SOLD! 
  • Clutter pulls out all the energy from a room and prevents buyers from noticing a home’s best features.
  • Potential buyers are often skeptical about their furniture and if it will fit...for example in a master bedroom that is vacant, a potential buyer can't image how their large bed and 2 nightstands will fit. That's why it is SO important to stage a vacant home. 
  • If you have a beautiful view, DON'T hide it with heavy window treatments.
  • Use greenery when the room calls for it, it's always nice to bring the outdoors in. 
  • DON'T over furnish rooms...home staging is NOT decorating. Staging is about highlighting a home's best features and architectural details.
  • Today potential buyers are internet savvy, it's important to use professional photos when displaying your homes features. 
  • Research Realtor's in your area and interview at least 3 to 5, it's important that you have a Realtor that understands your area, your needs and your home!
Rather you need a full detail home staging report from our expert home stagers or prefer us to do the home staging for you, we have a package that works for you. Give us a call today to schedule your home staging consultation! Remember first impressions are lasting impressions!
Providing professional Real Estate Home Staging services in the Carolina's.

Capturing The Moment In Helen, GA

My family and I love to travel and explore areas, especially off the beaten path on country roads. While visiting Helen, GA recently, we saw so many beautiful fields with horses, barns and yellow flowers that appeared to go on forever. Driving along on one road, windows down, music playing and I glanced to the left and saw these beautiful horses in a field of yellow flowers with the mountains behind them. moment! My husband said, "I know what this means...haha." Of course grabbed my camera, my husband parked the jeep on the side of the road, and I jumped out and headed over to the field. My boys (hubby and son) laugh at me, as I am running along to not miss a moment. Photography is another way I can be creative, and as much as I love interior redesign interior design, holiday decorating, and real estate home is another passion of mine! Below are some of the pictures I took of these beautiful creatures! I couldn't believe the moment I walked up to the fence, 4 horses came over to greet me and shortly after 2 of them started to put on a show for me...rolling around on the ground. :) I didn't post all of the pictures...I ONLY took 175 of them! Yikes! I know, you should have heard my husband and son. That's okay, thanks to modern technology they pulled out their IPhone's & IPod Touch and were very I clicked away! ;)

Photography = Home Decorating

Well, you all know by now how much I ENJOY photography and having a blast in my photography classes! My photography instructor Davis Goodman is wonderful, take a peek at his work will fall in love with his creative style and beautiful photos!

Speaking of photos, I've been having fun with taking a few pictures myself. One of my client's in Charlotte, NC is looking for flowers and nature photos. We had a hard time looking for the perfect piece of artwork to decorate in her family room. So when she asked me how my classes were going, I answered with great joy...I proceeded to tell her my latest photography news and she asked for me to take some pictures for her! My reply...of course I will! So on our weekend travels to GA, NC, SC,VA, and TN, I've had a ball taking pictures for personal and business use. What a great blessing it is to decorate this house for my client, and a true delight to also take images that I have taken and display them in her home! Look below I a few pictures I've taken so far.... heading back out next week to take some more!