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Affordable Interior Room Redesign Charlotte NC!

A Beautiful Home is One Day Away with Interior Redesign.

Most of us have wonderful belongings, from furniture we've bought, to items we've been gifted by loved ones-your home is a treasure full of wonderful furnishings and accessories!

Creating the home you want within the house you have.

When furniture placement is done correctly it is the key to good Interior Redesign. Many people spend thousands of remodeling dollars on their living spaces but neglect the most important part –FURNITURE PLACEMENT.

The artistic detail of placing furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories along with balanced color combination's is what separates a home that is welcoming and has pizazz vs. a home that is ordinary.

Tonia Mosteller will work with you to bridge that gap to take your living space from ordinary to extraordinary! Whether it's called Interior Redesign, Home Redesign or Room Redesign, in Charlotte NC I consider it the same for my clients because the focus in creating beautiful and functional spaces for my clients with using existing accessories and home furnishings you already own.

Sometimes the room(s) may call for additional accessories or home furnishing, I will create a detailed report and make affordable decorating suggestions for your rooms. After all, I am a firm believer to shop for the most affordable prices and still give you that designer look you want for your home.

Interior Room Redesign is affordable and everything old is new again. Call today for your Interior Room Redesign consultation and get your home ready, so you can sit back and relax this summer with your family and friends.

Top 10 reasons people choose Interior Room Redesign services:

  • They’ve seen the results on TV home makeover shows or in a friend’s home.
  • They want a fresh, designer look, but haven’t been able to create it.
  • They want great results without great expense.
  • They don’t know where to place the “old” furniture in the new house.
  • They don’t want to make an expensive purchase they’ll regret.
  • They are blending 2 households of different furnishings and accessories.
  • They desire a home that feels good and looks good yet reflects who they are.
  • They want rooms to function better.
  • They want to prepare their home to maximize market appeal for a quick, top dollar sale.
  • They believe that when you want professional results you hire a professional.

Creating beautiful, affordable and functional
Interior Redesign Rooms!