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Emergency Holiday Tips!

Emergency housecleaning guide from BHG is perfect! After all it's that time of year when we all start making plans to entertain for corporate parties,  friends and family holiday parties, and seasonal events.  These tips are wonderful considering the  holiday decorating that will be added to my home and the homes of my clients in Charlotte, NC and surroundings of NC-SC. If you saw my former post on Innovative Holiday Decorating Charlotte NC blog about, "Holiday Housecleaning Tips" from, than this post is perfect to follow up with. Considering I will be hosting Christmas holidays in our new home. Thanksgiving holiday will be in the NC mountains but these helpful tips from BHG are sure to follow us just in case we may need them while hosting our holiday parties and events. 

Emergency Housecleaning Guide: Spilled Wine
Red Wine on Carpet: Immediately pour white wine over the red wine spill (white wine neutralizes red wine). Sprinkle the area heavily with table salt and cover with a damp white towel. After the party, press with dry white cloths until they come up clean. If stain remains, use a carpet cleaner to remove it.
Red Wine on Tablecloth: Cover the red wine stain with artificial sweetener. Within 24 hours, brush off the sweetener and rinse the tablecloth in cold water. Apply distilled white vinegar on the stain if the material is cotton, a cotton blend, or permanent press. Wash as usual.
Red Wine on Clothing: Blot the spill with a clean white towel dampened with club soda, or spray the spot with Wine Away, a wine-removal product available at most liquor and wine stores.
White Wine: Flush stain with cold water or club soda; blot dry.

Emergency Housecleaning Guide: Condiment Stains
Tomato-Based Stains, such as BBQ Sauce, Ketchup, or Pasta Sauce: Dab area with dishwashing liquid, then flush with white vinegar.
Mustard: Flush stain with white vinegar, then rinse with cool water.

Emergency Housecleaning Guide: Coffee or Tea Stains
Flush stain with white vinegar, then wash with cool water.

Emergency Housecleaning Guide: Lipstick Stains on Napkins
When guests depart, separate lipstick-stained napkins from others to avoid transfer of pigments. Remove excess lipstick from napkins with a dull knife. Using a dropper, apply mineral spirits to the stain with a brush. Flush area with rubbing alcohol and tap again adding more mineral spirits, repeating until stain is removed. Wash napkins in an enzyme detergent.

Emergency Housecleaning Guide: Dripped Wax on Tablecloth
Place tablecloth in freezer for an hour. Crack wax and remove excess. Using mineral spirits, remove remaining residue by rubbing the mineral spirits into the wax. Rinse with rubbing alcohol, let dry fully, then wash with an enzyme detergent.

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