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Inspired Autumn Holiday Decorating Ideas

As my family and I plan our fall trips this coming season, I am also planning the interior and exterior decor of our new home. Looking for ideas to use for our home and to share with clients, friends, and family. The Autumn season is the perfect time to add color and natural decorations to your home decor. Not to mention, as the owner of Charlotte, NC Innovative Interiors Holiday Decorating, the holidays coming up are my all time favorite! From the cool crisp days of fall and the beauty that it brings. Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday decorating is something I adore and always looking for inspirations to use in my home and in the homes of my clients. Thanks to Martha Stewart...a true classic in decorating, Martha has some great ideas on her website! Check out the tips and photos on my blog on how to create this adorable Autumn wreath chandelier that Martha and her team created! Guarantee to add a bit of spice to your interior and exterior home decor!

How to from Martha

Casually adorned with colorful fallen leaves, a simple grapevine wreath is illuminated by tea lights set inside mini-pumpkin holders. Suspended from a ceiling hook, it gives a warm, rustic atmosphere to a front porch. To make the glow last, light the candles just before your guests arrive.

Step 1

Using a tea light as a guide, trace a circle in wax pencil on top of 6 miniature pumpkins, then cut out with a small knife or serrated carving tool.

For safety, always wear heavy work gloves when using sharp tools. Remove top, and scoop out insides using a spoon or looped fleshing tool.

Read more at Pumpkin Chandeliers: Autumn Wreath - Martha Stewart Crafts 

Step 2

Make a hanger from three equal lengths of ball chain (chain lengths will vary, depending on desired height). Attach brass couplings to each end of each chain. Gather three chain ends together, and slip an S hook through the holes in the couplings. Join the other ends of the chains to the grapevine wreath by passing florist's wire through the coupling and winding the wire around wreath form, spacing chains equally around the wreath's periphery.

Read more at Pumpkin Chandeliers: Autumn Wreath - Martha Stewart Crafts  

Step 3

With an awl, make two holes 1 inch apart through the bottom of each pumpkin, bend an iron wire into a U shape, then thread it through from the inside. Wrap wire around wreath form, and twist underneath to secure. Fit votive candles inside pumpkins after they are wired in place. Decorate wreath by inserting stems of fallen leaves and berries (we used pear, maple, and oak leaves, and bittersweet berries).

The key to hanging pumpkins so they are balanced is to use three equally spaced suspending wires. If you need more than three wires for hanging tiers (as in the cranberry chandelier), use multiples of three to keep the fixture steady.

Tools and materials needed for this wreath:
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Wax pencil
  • 6 miniature pumpkins
  • Small knife or serrated carving tool
  • Spoon or looped fleshing tool
  • Brass ball chain, (BRA824), Metalliferous
  • Brass couplings for ball chain, (BRA831), Metalliferous
  • 25-gauge annealed iron wire, (IR4760), Metalliferous
  • S hook
  • Florist's wire
  • Awl
  • Votive candles
  • Leaves and berries for embellishment
Read more at Pumpkin Chandeliers: Autumn Wreath - Martha Stewart Crafts. Article and photos courtesy of Martha

Thanks Martha for sharing your passion and inspirations to us all! What a true joy it is to see articles and photos of ideas to inspire us to live beautifully in our homes.