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Rustic Christmas - Holiday Themed Decorating Ideas

Rustic Christmas - Holiday Themed Decorating Ideas

Creating a rustic Christmas decor in your home and outdoor spaces this holiday season
Thinking about the holidays and our trips to the North Carolina mountains during fall, and Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate the holiday with the family. So when I found this article decorating with a rustic theme and photos below from Southern was right up my alley this year! Those that know me and my family know we are huge outdoor people, and love to be in the mountains or on the beach. This article makes me think about our mountain house at the lake and how I can bring that rustic feel to our home in Charlotte, NC. I love the natural feel of using fresh garlands, pinecones, magnolia leaves, cedar, wide ribbons, birds nest and so on. Of course you know me, I will add my ownholiday decorating twist but these photos from Southern Living are a great inspiration to start the thought process on how I want to achieve that rustic holiday decor at our home. 

 Woodland Entry
A doorway festooned with pinecones and garland sets a rustic tone for your holiday decor. Birch logs on the railings, simple white candles, and a vintage-style sled on the porch add subtle winter touches for a front door that says "happy holidays" without screaming with red and green.

 Custom Pine Cone Wreath
Position large pine cones, with the tips facing outward, in a tight ring around a grapevine wreath, and then attach the cones with florist wire. Nestle pieces of garland and smaller pine cones between the large cones to hide empty spots and create a lush look. Hang the wreath with wide satin ribbon, or add pieces of ribbon for a pop of color.

 Lush Pine Garland
Drape your front door with fragrant pine garland. An average doorway requires about 20 feet of garland. Measure the length of your railings and banisters to determine how much additional garland you’ll need to complete the look. Save leftover pieces to use on the mantel or as seasonal filler in floral arrangements.

 Ample Pinecones
Stock up on pinecones of all sizes for a woodland vibe. Bunch a few large cones together with florist wire, and then use clear fishing line to attach the cones to the garland along the top of the doorway. Stagger smaller single pinecones down the length of the draped garland for a unified look.

 Old-fashioned Sled
Accessorize the entry with a nostalgic winter sled. This one, made of birch wood and powder coated steel, recalls memories of childhood snow days.

 Wide Satin Ribbon
Add a polished look to your d├ęcor with satin ribbon. Just a few yards go a long way: tie a bow on a wreath, wrap around candles, and tie up your gifts. The 3-inch width makes an elegant statement.

 Tall Votive Candles
Dress up these simple, extra-tall candle votives with stripes of burlap and ribbon, and then insert them into your pre-drilled birch logs. If you opt not to create birch candleholders, try staggering the candles on your front steps for an evening glow.

 Rustic Birch Logs
For this look, drill evenly spaced holes into birch logs using a 3-inch Forstner bit – the holes will hold 2 ½-inch votives. Attach the logs to your railing using large zip ties, then dress with greenery.

 Copper Birdbath
As a final festive touch, suspend a copper birdbath from the porch ceiling and fill it with pinecones. Try replacing the chain with clear fishing line and satin ribbon for a more refined effect.

 Woven Basket Tree-Holder
The woven raffia basket at the base of the tree is wide enough to fit a standard tree stand, and tall enough to obscure the tree trunk. The basket’s height lifts the branches and clears lots of room at the base of the tree for gifts.

 Mercury Glass Ornaments
Add a bit of subtle shimmer to the neutral tree with silvery-gray mercury glass ornaments in various sizes. Antique mercury glass can be pricey, but this set is available for a song.

 Bronze Gift Wrap
In addition to basic craft paper and solid white wrap, incorporate shades of bronze and silver into your packaging. A bit of sheen will keep your gifts from looking dull.

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