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Charlotte, NC Susan G. Komen Race...Let's come together!

In the past years we have lost dear members of our family to cancer; I watched my sweet cousin Shane at the age 30 die from Colon Cancer, he suffered for years with this horrible disease. Other family members Kathy, Steve and Uncle Hank also passed with different cancers. Because of this, I have thought for many years to run in this race, Avon Walk For Breast Cancer and many others. I hold great respect for the strength of my family members and their bravery to fight such a disease, although the battle was lost....their memory remains in our heart and thoughts. Also, witnessed many of my friends fight breast cancer and survive, so very proud of them and this race is for you! Hope to make my family and friends...proud! The motivation to run in this race is very personal to me and I can't wait to wear the proud symbol on my clothes! Love to exercise and run, and so looking forward to the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure in Charlotte, NC on October 6, 2012, but the most exciting thing for me is the opportunity to help raise money for such a great cause!  I encourage others to run in this race or any race that speaks to you. The great thing about the Susan G. Komen race is you don't have to run if you aren't a runner, you can walk it too. :) So get moving....let's all come together for such a wonderful cause and show our support! :)