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Capturing The Moment In Helen, GA

My family and I love to travel and explore areas, especially off the beaten path on country roads. While visiting Helen, GA recently, we saw so many beautiful fields with horses, barns and yellow flowers that appeared to go on forever. Driving along on one road, windows down, music playing and I glanced to the left and saw these beautiful horses in a field of yellow flowers with the mountains behind them. moment! My husband said, "I know what this means...haha." Of course grabbed my camera, my husband parked the jeep on the side of the road, and I jumped out and headed over to the field. My boys (hubby and son) laugh at me, as I am running along to not miss a moment. Photography is another way I can be creative, and as much as I love interior redesign interior design, holiday decorating, and real estate home is another passion of mine! Below are some of the pictures I took of these beautiful creatures! I couldn't believe the moment I walked up to the fence, 4 horses came over to greet me and shortly after 2 of them started to put on a show for me...rolling around on the ground. :) I didn't post all of the pictures...I ONLY took 175 of them! Yikes! I know, you should have heard my husband and son. That's okay, thanks to modern technology they pulled out their IPhone's & IPod Touch and were very I clicked away! ;)