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Photography = Home Decorating

Well, you all know by now how much I ENJOY photography and having a blast in my photography classes! My photography instructor Davis Goodman is wonderful, take a peek at his work will fall in love with his creative style and beautiful photos!

Speaking of photos, I've been having fun with taking a few pictures myself. One of my client's in Charlotte, NC is looking for flowers and nature photos. We had a hard time looking for the perfect piece of artwork to decorate in her family room. So when she asked me how my classes were going, I answered with great joy...I proceeded to tell her my latest photography news and she asked for me to take some pictures for her! My reply...of course I will! So on our weekend travels to GA, NC, SC,VA, and TN, I've had a ball taking pictures for personal and business use. What a great blessing it is to decorate this house for my client, and a true delight to also take images that I have taken and display them in her home! Look below I a few pictures I've taken so far.... heading back out next week to take some more!